Tuesday 22 October 2013

Servant x Service Episodes 1-7 Review

Servant x Service Episodes 1-7 Directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto, Produced by A-1 Pictures Review

Uncomfortable with her very long name, Lucy becomes a civil servant in order to vent her frustration on the person who approved her name at birth. Lucy finds she is not alone at work and soon meets a variety of characters. Thus begins Lucy’s quirky daily life with an odd assortment of people.

Based on a seinen (men’s) Japanese comic series published by Square Enix, Servant x Service is not the most intriguing of titles. For the most part, it is largely forgettable entertainment that could easily be at home as a live action comedy in America if certain segments were altered.  That being said it does well at what it does and is pleasant enough.

Servant x Service boasts decent animation courtesy of A-1 Pictures and the characters are likeable. The series functions as a pleasant diversion and is easy to become at least attached to the characters.  As a result of this connection to the characters, the comedy by and large works. In conclusion, the first 7 episodes of Servant x Service is in no way innovative but it is fun little series thus far nonetheless. 

Rating: 7/10

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