Sunday 20 October 2013

Wild Life review

Wild Life Directed by Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby, Produced by the National Film Board of Canada Review

Our nameless protagonist arrives in Alberta, Canada from the United Kingdom in the early twentieth century. The path ahead of him is long and the environment difficult at the best of times. Will the protagonist be able to flourish in this new land?

Wild Life is a pleasant yet flawed work. It has very little time to allow us to familiarize ourselves with its protagonist.  From what we see of him he is a difficult to sympathize with character. That being said the short film has a distinct animation style and is lovingly animated.  It also does an excellent job of capturing the Canadian prairie landscape and the isolation associated with it.

The lead is an intriguing character despite the viewer’s general apathy towards him. He is fleshed out for what the run time allows. Wild life as a whole is a pleasant viewing experience though it is certainly is not required viewing.

Rating: 8/10

Wild Life is streaming at the NFB’s website. 

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