Tuesday 29 October 2013

Paperman review

Paperman directed by John Kahrs, produced by Walt Disney animation Studios Review

A man and woman fall in love at first sight but soon find themselves separated. One day, the man sees  the woman again in a different building. He attempts to catch her attention with a paper airplane. Will his plan succeed?

Paperman is a pleasant short film.  At only six minutes, the short is a nice, simple story about romance. It attempts no grand feats nor does it need too. The film relies on very little sound outside of music and is largely black and white.

The music is whimsical and the lack of colour most of the time is a neat touch. The animation is very well done: nice and fluid. The character designs are appeasing as well. In conclusion the film is a nice, fluffy little piece sure to capture hearts.

Rating: 9/10

Paperman is available on iTunes.

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