Thursday 24 October 2013

Reflections review

Reflections Directed by Alon Ziv and Bosmat Agayoff, Produced by Bezalel academy of art and design Review

A man follows his reflection much to the irritation of those around him. Soon he finds he is forced to conform to a brutal, unforgiving world. Will he regain his imagination or will the conformation be permanent?

Animated in Israel, Reflections is rather poignant film. The viewer quickly becomes attached to the protagonist. The film does an excellent job portraying the brutality of the world. The animation is distinct and the short film is paced perfectly.

The film does it all entirely without speaking opting for silence aside from the music which makes the film much more impactful. If there is one complaint I have it’s that the character designs are rather simple and the film itself felt it could have gone for longer. That aside though Reflections is a pleasant 5 minute short well worth watching.

Rating: 8/10

Reflections is streaming on Vimeo. 

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