Monday 10 November 2014

Dinner Ditz Parts 1, 2, and Halloween Special review

Dinner Ditz Parts 1, 2, and Halloween Special Story & Art By Alexise Cooke Review

                From the publisher: “Peregrine, a divorced dad, is a disaster in the kitchen. He’s a threat to himself and all those around him, including his beloved daughter, Lottie. So it’s up to Otho, a recent victim of Peregrine’s cooking chaos, to step in and show him how it’s done, so he can wow Lottie instead of terrifying her the next time she visits!”

                Dinner Ditz is an adorable LGBT comic. It left me wanting more even after the very last page. It is refreshing seeing an LGBT comic about compelling family dynamics. That’s not to say the romance is bad by any stretch. It is easily my favorite part of the book! The series also has a different art style which is refreshing in an industry where artwork tends to lean towards homogenous. In conclusion, Dinner Ditz is a great if brief read. If you are looking for a different kind of LGBT media this will not disappoint!

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