Wednesday 19 November 2014

Takujo no Ageha Chapter 1 review

Takujo no Ageha Chapter 1 Story & Art by Itsuki  Furuya Review

From the publisher: “If you had any doubts about a ping pong manga, you can table your doubts because this one's got a hilarious spin. It'll have you bouncing from laughter one minute then slam you with intense competition the next. Get ready to be served some hilarious manga and have a ball! Just had to get all those ping pong puns out of the onto the actual manga description. Ririka Otsuka's the hottest chick in school, but she has a secret—she lives at a table tennis center! And her grandpa's nuts about the sport, but she could care less! Enter Ageha Hanazono, a table tennis genius who shows zero interest in sexy Ririka, much to her chagrin. These two couldn't be more different, but their paths are linked as they both find out the hard way!”

Despite, or perhaps due to, the subject matter the first chapter of Takujo no Ageha is a delightful read! That’s not to say it is perfect; it has its issues. Namely the poor characterization of the female lead as boy obsessed. This is not even beginning to cover the fan service which is mercifully kept to a handful of pages. That being said, the action scenes are slick and the series has enough of a plot to maintain itself for quite some time. The art is also a positive. This series looks really nice thus far. It is clear a lot of effort was put into this debut chapter. So in all I would say read Takujo no Ageha even if you have an aversion to fan service this series has plenty to offer!

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