Monday 24 November 2014

E-Robot Chapter 1 review

E-Robot Chapter 1 story & art by Ryohei Yamamoto Review

From the publisher: “Yuuki's got a crush he's just dying to confess his love to. There's just one problem, he can't do it! Every time he tries, he freezes up! But his life really takes a turn when he bumps into, or gets clobbered by, a robotic girl with a most impressive set of "features." Her name is Ai Roborovskii and she's the world's first Erotic Robot!”

This might be the most putrid thing I’ve ever read. None of the jokes connected and the whole affair was so shameless I honestly had to force myself to keep reading on to the next page. I could go on all day about the sexism. While another recently started title in the magazine this runs in was at least campy enjoyment (which is admittedly a guilty pleasure for me) this series is not even that. With each failing gag that passed had me feeling more and more uncomfortable. In conclusion I would say skip this series there is next to nothing to recommend here.

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