Wednesday 12 November 2014

For Peace Chapter 1 review

For Peace Chapter 1 Story & Art by Alexis Cooke

For Peace’s first chapter excels in every aspect and proves itself to be a fantastic LGBT comic along with Cooke’s previous work Dinner Ditz. The artwork differentiates itself from the majority of other comics while still being accessible. The character designs are far more human than any work I have seen to date. As with Dinner Ditz, the first chapter of For Peace is rather rose-tinted; a welcome change as the majority of LGBT media seems to go for a more gritty approach. Cooke is quickly proving to be an author I will anticipate the future works of. Again as with Dinner Ditz my only complaint is that the series is not full-length as it is very refreshing in the current media landscape to see genuine warm positivity. 

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