Friday 21 November 2014

Nisekoi Chapter 147 review

Nisekoi Chapter 147 story & art by Naoshi Komi Review

Nisekoi continues being a mosquito bite with this week’s chapter. Initially it was just annoying but over time after scratching it so much it began to hurt. Yui’s and Raku’s creepy relationship continues to develop with this week’s chapter. This series leaves such little impact on me. It continues introducing characters and adding padding. It’s sad when the source material is roughly 30% filler. This week isn’t so bad but others much moreso. All this to delay the series’ conclusion which because of Yui could probably have been reached by now. This is pretty much typical indulgent male romance fanasties barring the decreased fan service. In conclusion I would say skip this week’s chapter of Nisekoi. It concentrates on the series’ creepier facets and is the series at its most indulgent. 

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