Wednesday 19 November 2014

Food Wars! Chapters 93-95 review

Reviews of the earlier chapters will come later down the road.

Food Wars! Chapters 93-95 Story by Yuto Tsukuda, Art by Shun Saeki Review

These chapters of Food Wars! are remarkably fan service free. They also contain a wealth of information on food. For me they were a great read. As a lover of food it is fun reading manga about it. The series has its issue: it can be a touch dull at times with little to no action. That being said, the characters are bright and colorful and the art is surprisingly slick.  Also of note in these chapters is the tension despite little actual conflict actually ensuing on the page. The pacing has some issues though. The series seems to be at a hault presently. A far cry from the first volume which had a more rapid fire pace. In conclusion I would say read these chapters if only for the information on food. The series itself is, like the best of food, highly addictive.

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